How To Protect Your Phone From Being Hacked

How To Protect Your Phone From Being Hacked

The Mobile phone is being used by everyone. Even little children are using mobile phones. But you should be careful while using it as it can be hacked and your personal information can be leaked. I tell you some tips due to which you can know how to protect your phone from being hacked.

1) Never Leave Unattended

You should never leave your phone unattended. When you leave it without any attention, others may be able to use your phone and they can steal your information.

2) Stay Up-Date

When there is an up-gradation of any application of your system, update it as soon as possible. In this way, you can be protected.

3) Change Phone's Passcode

Your phone won't have a secure password. The default user password is very simple like "1234". Anyone can get access. So, try to update your password time by time and never tell it to anyone.

4)Protect Your Credit Card And Pin Data

Don't store your passwords in a phone simply. Just try to keep it inside a safe application.

5) Avoid Unsecure Wi-fi Network
How To Protect Your Phone From Being Hacked

When you use an unsecured wi-fi network, it means you grant access to the wi-fi to all of your storage. And your data can be accessed by the hacker using the network.

6) Turn Off Auto-complete Feature

When you save a password in a phone, it asks whether that you want an auto-fill option and your passwords will be automatically filled. Don't use this option and turn this feature off if it is enabled.

7)  Delete Google History And Cache

Regularly delete your cache data and google and other browsing histories to protect your phone from being hacked.

8) Don't Install Unknown Apps

If you install an application from unknown resources and it requires access to your personal data, then don't allow the access and delete the application immediately.

9) Set A Pin And Biometric

Use a complex password and available biometric systems in your device for security purposes of your phone.

10) Don't Open Suspicious Links

When someone sends you a link from unknown resources or any unknown e-mail, don't open it and delete the link without opening it as it can hack your device.

11) Avoid Public Charging Stations

Keep your phone charged while going anywhere and if it is not charged, try to avoid using public charging stations.

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