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What Is Avatar

The word 'Avatar' is originated from the Sanskrit language from the word 'avatar' in which 'ava' means 'down' and 'tar' means 'to cross'. It has three syllables and can be pronounced as 'av', 'a', 'tar.' This word was firstly used in the English dictionary in the 18th century. Firstly, it was used in 1784. The word Avatar has different meanings.

1) A manifestation of a released soul in bodily that is formed on earth. A manifestation or embodiment of a person or any data. It is an embodiment of a concept or philosophy and can also be in the form of a person.
Example: Ali is regarded as an avatar of charity.
2) In technology, it represents an icon or figure of a particular person in games, the internet, or forums. It may be a manipulated image by the computer in games. It represents a static or moving graphic for a person who is associated with the internet with some physical identity.
Example: I chose the lion as an avatar in the chat.
3) In Hinduism, the word avatar is considered for one of their god named Vishnu.
4) A mouse avatar is also implemented with the freshly extracted cells or tissues of the human body and it is used to study disease processes or to test drug therapy of a patient.
5) In science fiction, the world avatar stands for a hybrid creature that is composed up of alien and human DNA and it can be controlled remotically by genetically matching with the human being.     
The concept of the avatar was developed in Hinduism. The word avatar is also used to describe a concept in Hinduism that means descent. This term is mostly associated with the God of Hinduism (Vishnu). However, the idea has also been applied to other deities. It is basically a concept of Hinduism and they even have made cartoons named "Avatar".

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What Is Abstract Noun

Abstract means anything that can only be felt. We cannot see or touch it. It is the name of a state.
Before discussing abstract nouns. We will shortly know about noun and know how many types it has. Then we will proceed towards abstract noun.
A noun is the name of any person, place, thing, quality, or feeling.
For example, Ali, Pakistan, Table, Anger.
There are many types of nouns. Some of them are given below:
  1. Proper Noun(Refers to the name of some particular person, place, or thing. e.g., Quaid-e-Azam)
  2. Common Noun(Name of some common person, place, or thing. eg., Boy, Girl)
  3. Countable Noun(Those nouns which can be counted. e.g., 10 Books)
  4. Uncountable Noun(Those nouns which cannot be counted e.g., Water)
  5. Singular Noun(Name of a single person, place, or thing. A boy)
  6. Plural Noun(Name of multiple persons, places, or things. Boys, Tables)
  7. Concrete Noun(Name of any material)
  8. Material Noun(Name of any material from which something can be made. e.g., Wood)
  9. Collective Noun(When a number of/ group of anything is expressed as a whole. e.g., Army)
  10. Abstract Noun.(Name of any state or quality. e.g., Anger, Pleasure)
The main type of noun which we will discuss here is an Abstract Noun.
The abstract noun represents the name of feeling, quality, emotion, concept, events or any idea. It may be described as the things that cannot be seen or touched.
For example, bravery is a quality of any person or animal. Similarly, health and freedom are also examples of abstract nouns.
Anger or happiness is also an example of an abstract noun. As these are the feelings.
Freedom is an example of the abstract noun as it is the name of a state.
Qualities: Bravery, Beauty, Brutality, Charity, Coldness, Confidence, Courage, Ego, Evil, Fear, Honesty, Honour, Hope, Intelligence, Sympathy, Trust, Weakness, Wisdom.
Emotions or Feelings: Amazement, Anger, Anxiety, Delight, Disappointment, Disbelief, Excitement, Friendship, Grief, Happiness, Hate, Joy, Love, Misery, Sadness, Satisfaction, Sorrow, Worry.
Events: Death, Born, Childhood, Vacation.
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What Is Asexual Mean

The word 'a' means "not" in scientific terms. In Biology, Asexual means having a lack of sexual ability or function of sex organs.

In reproduction, the word asexual means reproducing by a reproductive system like cell division or fission. The definitions of asexual is described in different size. It is all about the people who don't have a sexual attraction or lack sexual attraction

  • It also means for the terms which are not involved or related to sex. An asexual relationship.
  • Not having sexual feelings for others.
  • Don't have or not showing any sexual ability. Neither male and nor female.

Basically, there are two types of reproduction. One is sexual and the other one is asexual. The term asexual refers to someone who doesn't have any attraction to sex. The sexual attraction is to find a particular person and sexually appealing to you and or you want to have sex with them. Females and males both have asexual ability. Every divides in two catagories.

However, everyone has a different experience and can mean the word towards different things. There are cells and stems in human body. stems coli. It also shows maturity in major people major maturity.

Asexual people can experience all these forms of attraction. Some people experience any attraction in any particular type of situation.

The difference between sexual desire and sexual attraction is given below:

Sexual Desire: Sexual desire means to have a desire for sex and it doesn't matter whether it is a personal connection or conception or anything else.

Sexual Attraction: Sexual attraction is that someone is appealing good and you are attracted to them and want to have sex with them. 

Despite all, the sexual attraction, one may also experience:

Romantic Attraction: Like to be in a romantic relationship with anyone.

Physical Attraction: Want to hold or touch someone.

Aesthetic Attraction: Attracted to someone by the way how he/she looks.

Emotional Attraction: Being attached to someone emotionally. Have a strong or close emotional relationship with anyone.

The SpongeBob cartoons you watch in your childhood was an asexual character. The two types of reproduction are sexual reproduction and asexual reproduction. Sexual reproduction is the one in which the male or female gender have sex and then their child is born through this process while the asexual means to the reproduction process in which sex is not involved.

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What Is Telegram App

Since WhatsApp has changed it's privacy policy, most people uninstall WhatsApp and installed the Telegram app to communicate with each other. But later they cleared that they will not reveal your privacy. Most people use the Telegram app to handle large groups that contain a lot of members.

The most used app for communication purposes is Whatsapp. But still, there are some apps about which you don't know. Telegram is one of them. It is multi-platform apps used for messaging and to handle groups founded by a Russian entrepreneur. Its alpha version was released for Android on 20 Oct 2013 and it has about 200 million users now.

The functionality of the Telegram Messenger app is just like other apps. We can message, call, and send stickers to our friends who are using Telegram. We can send files and create a group that contains a large number of members.  You can also send a voice message to others just like on Whatsapp.
What Is Telegram App

Telegram provides you end-to-end protection. So, in this way the messages sent are only seen by the sender and receiver. It stops hackers, the government, companies, and anyone else to get access to your data. Telegram uses this encryption only in calls and other secret functions that you will need to enable in chat. Both services have two-factor-authorization.

So, an average person should use Whatsapp for communication person instead of Telegram as their messages are more secured on Whatsapp with the help of end-to-end encryption.
Like some social apps, Facebook, Whatsapp, and Instagram, the Telegram app does not provide you the option of story or status. According to the FAQ page of Telegram, it was founded by its founder Pavel Dorouv. On the same page, it describes that it protects your data from third parties and advertisers.

If you want to send a big file that has a large size, Telegram allows you to send a file up to 1.5Gb while the limit for Whatsapp and skype is 100Mb. It also allows you to create a public channel just like on Youtube. It also allows you to hide and show your last seen just like on Whatsapp. It allows you to appear offline but the functionality becomes problematic. You can make video and audio calls using Whatsapp to communicate with a person far away from you.

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What is Proverb

The world proverb is derived from the Latin language proverbium and it is a simple saying used to express the truth or common sense.
There are some proverbs that exist in more than one language. It is a short or popular saying and expresses some truth of commonplace. A proverb is a part of a sentence or short sentence that people often quote to give us advice or gives us meaning about life.
 It is because people borrow those proverbs from the language in which it was being used.
In other cultures and languages, the definition of proverb also changes with respect to the English language. The proverb comes from a variety of sources. Some proverbs are drawn from poetry, stories, and songs. For example the proverb"'who will bell the cat?' is derived from a story. Some authors have created their own proverb during their writing.
Some example of English proverbs are
Blessing in disguise.
It is useless to cry over spilt milk.
A rolling stone gathers no mass.
an apple per day keeps the doctor away.
Steady and slow wins the race.
Don't count chicken before hatching.
Do good have good.
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What is atomic mass unit

Before we study the atomic mass unit, you should know about atoms. An atom is the smallest particle of an element that can't be further cut. In earlier ages, it was considered that the atom is the smallest element that cannot be divided further.
For example, when you cut an apple, cut it till it is cut able and at the last a stage come at which it would not be cuttable. That the smallest particle was called an atom. Atoms are combined together with a strong force and they form a molecule.
But later on, some more elements inside the atoms were discovered that were came to be known as electron, proton, and neutron. The electron carries a negative charge, the proton carries a positive charge while the neutron carries no charge. In the modern era, about 200 particles have been further discovered in an atom experimentally.
What is atomic mass unit

The atomic mass unit is a physical constant in the branch of science which is chemistry. It is one-twelfth of the mass of the carbon-12. It is a unit used for masses and expresses atomic mass and molecular mass.
The symbol used for this is amu.
1 amu in modern age= 1g/mol.
The atomic mass unit represents the sum of a number of protons and neutrons in a nucleus.
1amu=1.66 x 10^-27 kg
1amu=1.66 x 10^-24g

John Dalton was the first scientist to express the atomic mass unit in 1803. He suggested the use of protium(Hydrogen-1). Wilhelm Ostwald proposed that it would be better to express the mass of oxygen in 1/16. As hydrogen has three isotopes and oxygen has 4 isotopes so it varies. To avoid this confusion, in 1961, it was decided to use the Carbon-12 as the basic unit.

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What Is Adverb Clause

When you want to know about the adverb clause, it is better that you should first know about the adverb. I will define the adverb firstly here and explain it to you with few examples and then I will tell you about a little concept of the clause and then you will be clearly able to understand the adverb clause which I will explain.
An adverb is a word or a verb that describes the quality of a verb, clause, adjective, or another adverb.
Examples Of Adverb
She always arrives early. (Adverb Of Time)
He drives carefully(Adverb Of Manner)
They go everywhere together. (Adverb Of Place)
Verb: A verb in English is a word that is used to show some action. The basic form of the verb is infinitive(to+first form of the verb. e.g., to go).

A group of words that contains a subject and a predicate and gives a complete meaning is called a clause.
For example, when it rained, they went inside.
This sentence has two clauses When it rained is the first clause and they went inside is the second clause as both give complete sense and clear meaning.
There are different types of clauses.
Noun Clause, Verb clause, Adverb Clause, Adjective Clause.
The clause can also be divided into four other categories depending upon the nature of the sentence like
Declarative clause, Interrogative Clause, Imperative Clause, and Exclamative Clause.

Adverb Clause
An adverb clause is the group of words that is used to describe the meaning of an adjective, verb, clause, or another adverb.
Adverb clause has three requirements:
  • It should have a subject and a predicate.
  • It should contain subordinate conjunctions.
  • It should answer one of the logical questions like when, why, how, where.
What Is Adverb Clause

If Ali had left this city, His friend would have been unhappy. (condition)
When Hassan came home, he found Kashif very ill.
A man can go everywhere he wants.
I will not eat cotton candy as I don't like it.

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