What is Proverb

What is Proverb

The world proverb is derived from the Latin language proverbium and it is a simple saying used to express the truth or common sense.
There are some proverbs that exist in more than one language. It is a short or popular saying and expresses some truth of commonplace. A proverb is a part of a sentence or short sentence that people often quote to give us advice or gives us meaning about life.
 It is because people borrow those proverbs from the language in which it was being used.
In other cultures and languages, the definition of proverb also changes with respect to the English language. The proverb comes from a variety of sources. Some proverbs are drawn from poetry, stories, and songs. For example the proverb"'who will bell the cat?' is derived from a story. Some authors have created their own proverb during their writing.
Some example of English proverbs are
Blessing in disguise.
It is useless to cry over spilt milk.
A rolling stone gathers no mass.
an apple per day keeps the doctor away.
Steady and slow wins the race.
Don't count chicken before hatching.
Do good have good.


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