Modern Rules Of Mobile Phone

Modern Rules Of Mobile Phone

A mobile phone is being used widely in every field of life whether you go to school or college. Children are also using mobile phones due to their easy use. People are using it every time and even they don't eat a meal without a phone.
In this topic, I will express some rules for using a mobile phone that will help you.

1) Silent Mode While Eating
Modern Rules Of Mobile Phone

When you are eating a meal( having breakfast, lunch, or dinner) don't use a mobile phone while eating. It is a really bad manner that you are eating a meal and also using a mobile phone at the same time. According to the experiment, it has a great effect on your mind and weakens the remembering capacity of your brain.

2) Turn Off While In Meeting
Modern Rules Of Mobile Phone

When you are attending a business meeting or whether you are spending time with your family or friends, try to keep a mobile phone in a pocket and use it only when there is an urgent call or message and pay your attention to your family and friends. They will really be happy with this kind of good behavior.

3) In A Presentation
Modern Rules Of Mobile Phone

When you are in a presentation or you are going to deliver it, keep the mobile phone in silent mode and place it on the table. If you are using a mobile phone during the presentation then the attention of other people will also divert and they also will not listen effectively.

4) Exceptions
Modern Rules Of Mobile Phone

There are some exceptions to everything. So here we discuss some exceptions.
a) Doctors, nurses, and health providers.
b) When there is a possibility of emergency calls.
c) Researching on an important topic

5) Excuse
If you are sitting in a gathering and any urgent calls appear on screen then you can make an excuse and say to other people as "excuse me", "I will be back in a moment".

6) Respond Promptly
Modern Rules Of Mobile Phone

When you have finished your meeting or any webinar and see that there is a miss call or message from anyone then text them and apologize to them by saying that "Sorry, I could not see your message as I was busy".

7) Stay Away
Modern Rules Of Mobile Phone

When you are talking with someone on call, try to go away from the room, windows, or walls so that anyone else could not see you talking on the phone. There may be your personal information on the call and anyone else will not be able to listen to it.
When you are in a crowded place like an airport, train station, bus station, try to keep away from the noise while talking on the phone.

8) Attention Towards Hobbies
Modern Rules Of Mobile Phone

Try to give your time to your hobbies. It will really make you happy and you will not be bored. Try to keep mobile phones away during hobby. Try to focus on your hobby without checking constantly emails, messages, and calls.

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