How To Log Out Gmail

How To Log Out Gmail

Gmail is being used by most people to send different emails. People send different videos or photos to anyone. If you want to make your Gmail only used on your device and want to log out from others, then I tell you, follow the given rules to logout from your gmails.

When you open Gmail on your device and login into your account, you cannot find the option to log out in Gmail. Even you can search your whole account of Gmail and click on your profile but you will never find the logout option in it. So follow the given guidelines to log out of Gmail.

Step 1:
Open Gmail on your mobile.
Step 2:
Open your account on the device to find the logout.
How To Log Out Gmail

Step 3:
How To Log Out Gmail

Click on your profile, showing at the top right corner of the screen to log out.
Step 4:
Your account will be shown to you.
Step 5:
In order to logout of Gmail, click on the ''Manage Account On This Device''.
Step 6:
How To Log Out Gmail

It will show your account on the device. Tap on ''Google''.
Step 7:
Select your account to which you want to logout.
Step 8:
How To Log Out Gmail

When you tap on your account, it will show you the details of the account.
Step 9:
How To Log Out Gmail

At the end of the screen, in the center of the screen, there will be an option to remove the account. You can remove your account from Gmail from the device.
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