How Hackers Get Your Mobile Phone Password

How Hackers Get Your Mobile Phone Password

Do you think that only you can get access to your mobile and no one can hack your device? If you think so then you are wrong. There is not any device which can not be hacked. You may leave some weak points due to which your device can be hacked. In this blog, I will tell you about your weakness that may cause hacking on your phone.

1) Unsecure Wi-fi Network
How Hackers Get Your Mobile Phone Password

If you turn on your hotspot and leave it without any security, the hacker can get access to all of your data by connecting to the hotspot and steal your personal information.
And if you open wi-fi or the wi-fi which does not require any password, then it means that you are giving access to all of your data.

2) Weak Encryption

You should only use a strong password for security purposes and also for wi-fi.
Use WPA(Wi-fi Protected Access) for your hotspot. It cannot be hacked easily.
Hackers use WPS(Wi-fi Public Setup) for hacking purposes and if you choose WPA then you can easily divert the attention of hackers.

3) Unsecure Sites
How Hackers Get Your Mobile Phone Password

Only use the sites that are locked with the lock symbol. If you use a site that is not locked then it means that the site is not secure and your device can be hacked very easily.

4) Unkown Programs

If you install an unknown publication to your device and allows access to all of your storage then the hacker can access your data using the application. Only install applications from trusted resources.

5) Approve Accounts To Unknown Links

When someone sends you a link from unknown resources, you should not open it. It may contain some hacking codes and when you will open it your device will be hacked. When you will open the link by your social account, your account will be hacked.

6) Reveal Mobile Number On Social Account

When you make any social account, it gets your mobile number, and as well as e-mail can also be entered by you. If you don't make it secure and private, it will be revealed to all the people and anyone can easily get access to your account.

7) NO Upgrade System

When there are updates available on your device whether in OS PC,  or mobile, you should update your system as soon as possible to prevent it from being hacked. 

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