What Is Telegram App

What Is Telegram App

Since WhatsApp has changed it's privacy policy, most people uninstall WhatsApp and installed the Telegram app to communicate with each other. But later they cleared that they will not reveal your privacy. Most people use the Telegram app to handle large groups that contain a lot of members.

The most used app for communication purposes is Whatsapp. But still, there are some apps about which you don't know. Telegram is one of them. It is multi-platform apps used for messaging and to handle groups founded by a Russian entrepreneur. Its alpha version was released for Android on 20 Oct 2013 and it has about 200 million users now.

The functionality of the Telegram Messenger app is just like other apps. We can message, call, and send stickers to our friends who are using Telegram. We can send files and create a group that contains a large number of members.  You can also send a voice message to others just like on Whatsapp.
What Is Telegram App

Telegram provides you end-to-end protection. So, in this way the messages sent are only seen by the sender and receiver. It stops hackers, the government, companies, and anyone else to get access to your data. Telegram uses this encryption only in calls and other secret functions that you will need to enable in chat. Both services have two-factor-authorization.

So, an average person should use Whatsapp for communication person instead of Telegram as their messages are more secured on Whatsapp with the help of end-to-end encryption.
Like some social apps, Facebook, Whatsapp, and Instagram, the Telegram app does not provide you the option of story or status. According to the FAQ page of Telegram, it was founded by its founder Pavel Dorouv. On the same page, it describes that it protects your data from third parties and advertisers.

If you want to send a big file that has a large size, Telegram allows you to send a file up to 1.5Gb while the limit for Whatsapp and skype is 100Mb. It also allows you to create a public channel just like on Youtube. It also allows you to hide and show your last seen just like on Whatsapp. It allows you to appear offline but the functionality becomes problematic. You can make video and audio calls using Whatsapp to communicate with a person far away from you.

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