What Is Avatar

The word 'Avatar' is originated from the Sanskrit language from the word 'avatar' in which 'ava' means 'down' and 'tar' means 'to cross'. It has three syllables and can be pronounced as 'av', 'a', 'tar.' This word was firstly used in the English dictionary in the 18th century. Firstly, it was used in 1784. The word Avatar has different meanings.

1) A manifestation of a released soul in bodily that is formed on earth. A manifestation or embodiment of a person or any data. It is an embodiment of a concept or philosophy and can also be in the form of a person.
Example: Ali is regarded as an avatar of charity.
2) In technology, it represents an icon or figure of a particular person in games, the internet, or forums. It may be a manipulated image by the computer in games. It represents a static or moving graphic for a person who is associated with the internet with some physical identity.
Example: I chose the lion as an avatar in the chat.
3) In Hinduism, the word avatar is considered for one of their god named Vishnu.
4) A mouse avatar is also implemented with the freshly extracted cells or tissues of the human body and it is used to study disease processes or to test drug therapy of a patient.
5) In science fiction, the world avatar stands for a hybrid creature that is composed up of alien and human DNA and it can be controlled remotically by genetically matching with the human being.     
The concept of the avatar was developed in Hinduism. The word avatar is also used to describe a concept in Hinduism that means descent. This term is mostly associated with the God of Hinduism (Vishnu). However, the idea has also been applied to other deities. It is basically a concept of Hinduism and they even have made cartoons named "Avatar".

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