The word 'a' means "not" in scientific terms. In Biology, Asexual means having a lack of sexual ability or function of sex organs. In reproduction, th
What Is Asexual Mean

The word 'a' means "not" in scientific terms. In Biology, Asexual means having a lack of sexual ability or function of sex organs.

In reproduction, the word asexual means reproducing by a reproductive system like cell division or fission. The definitions of asexual is described in different size. It is all about the people who don't have a sexual attraction or lack sexual attraction

  • It also means for the terms which are not involved or related to sex. An asexual relationship.
  • Not having sexual feelings for others.
  • Don't have or not showing any sexual ability. Neither male and nor female.

Basically, there are two types of reproduction. One is sexual and the other one is asexual. The term asexual refers to someone who doesn't have any attraction to sex. The sexual attraction is to find a particular person and sexually appealing to you and or you want to have sex with them. Females and males both have asexual ability. Every divides in two catagories.

However, everyone has a different experience and can mean the word towards different things. There are cells and stems in human body. stems coli. It also shows maturity in major people major maturity.

Asexual people can experience all these forms of attraction. Some people experience any attraction in any particular type of situation.

The difference between sexual desire and sexual attraction is given below:

Sexual Desire: Sexual desire means to have a desire for sex and it doesn't matter whether it is a personal connection or conception or anything else.

Sexual Attraction: Sexual attraction is that someone is appealing good and you are attracted to them and want to have sex with them. 

Despite all, the sexual attraction, one may also experience:

Romantic Attraction: Like to be in a romantic relationship with anyone.

Physical Attraction: Want to hold or touch someone.

Aesthetic Attraction: Attracted to someone by the way how he/she looks.

Emotional Attraction: Being attached to someone emotionally. Have a strong or close emotional relationship with anyone.

The SpongeBob cartoons you watch in your childhood was an asexual character. The two types of reproduction are sexual reproduction and asexual reproduction. Sexual reproduction is the one in which the male or female gender have sex and then their child is born through this process while the asexual means to the reproduction process in which sex is not involved.

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