What Is Adverb Clause

What Is Adverb Clause

When you want to know about the adverb clause, it is better that you should first know about the adverb. I will define the adverb firstly here and explain it to you with few examples and then I will tell you about a little concept of the clause and then you will be clearly able to understand the adverb clause which I will explain.
An adverb is a word or a verb that describes the quality of a verb, clause, adjective, or another adverb.
Examples Of Adverb
She always arrives early. (Adverb Of Time)
He drives carefully(Adverb Of Manner)
They go everywhere together. (Adverb Of Place)
Verb: A verb in English is a word that is used to show some action. The basic form of the verb is infinitive(to+first form of the verb. e.g., to go).

A group of words that contains a subject and a predicate and gives a complete meaning is called a clause.
For example, when it rained, they went inside.
This sentence has two clauses When it rained is the first clause and they went inside is the second clause as both give complete sense and clear meaning.
There are different types of clauses.
Noun Clause, Verb clause, Adverb Clause, Adjective Clause.
The clause can also be divided into four other categories depending upon the nature of the sentence like
Declarative clause, Interrogative Clause, Imperative Clause, and Exclamative Clause.

Adverb Clause
An adverb clause is the group of words that is used to describe the meaning of an adjective, verb, clause, or another adverb.
Adverb clause has three requirements:
  • It should have a subject and a predicate.
  • It should contain subordinate conjunctions.
  • It should answer one of the logical questions like when, why, how, where.
What Is Adverb Clause

If Ali had left this city, His friend would have been unhappy. (condition)
When Hassan came home, he found Kashif very ill.
A man can go everywhere he wants.
I will not eat cotton candy as I don't like it.

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