Abstract means anything that can only be felt. We cannot see or touch it. It is the name of a state.Abstract Noun.(Name of any state or quality. e.g.,
What Is Abstract Noun

Abstract means anything that can only be felt. We cannot see or touch it. It is the name of a state.
Before discussing abstract nouns. We will shortly know about noun and know how many types it has. Then we will proceed towards abstract noun.
A noun is the name of any person, place, thing, quality, or feeling.
For example, Ali, Pakistan, Table, Anger.
There are many types of nouns. Some of them are given below:
  1. Proper Noun(Refers to the name of some particular person, place, or thing. e.g., Quaid-e-Azam)
  2. Common Noun(Name of some common person, place, or thing. eg., Boy, Girl)
  3. Countable Noun(Those nouns which can be counted. e.g., 10 Books)
  4. Uncountable Noun(Those nouns which cannot be counted e.g., Water)
  5. Singular Noun(Name of a single person, place, or thing. A boy)
  6. Plural Noun(Name of multiple persons, places, or things. Boys, Tables)
  7. Concrete Noun(Name of any material)
  8. Material Noun(Name of any material from which something can be made. e.g., Wood)
  9. Collective Noun(When a number of/ group of anything is expressed as a whole. e.g., Army)
  10. Abstract Noun.(Name of any state or quality. e.g., Anger, Pleasure)
The main type of noun which we will discuss here is an Abstract Noun.
The abstract noun represents the name of feeling, quality, emotion, concept, events or any idea. It may be described as the things that cannot be seen or touched.
For example, bravery is a quality of any person or animal. Similarly, health and freedom are also examples of abstract nouns.
Anger or happiness is also an example of an abstract noun. As these are the feelings.
Freedom is an example of the abstract noun as it is the name of a state.
Qualities: Bravery, Beauty, Brutality, Charity, Coldness, Confidence, Courage, Ego, Evil, Fear, Honesty, Honour, Hope, Intelligence, Sympathy, Trust, Weakness, Wisdom.
Emotions or Feelings: Amazement, Anger, Anxiety, Delight, Disappointment, Disbelief, Excitement, Friendship, Grief, Happiness, Hate, Joy, Love, Misery, Sadness, Satisfaction, Sorrow, Worry.
Events: Death, Born, Childhood, Vacation.
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