Some Secrets About Whatsapp

Some Secrets About Whatsapp

It is the era of technology. The mobile phone is the biggest invention of technology that has changed our lives completely. You can communicate with a person sitting far away from you. You can hear his voice and can also see his picture. The best used for such communication purposes is WhatsApp.
In this topic I explain to you some secrets of WhatsApp, probably you don't know. So let's start.

1) Dark Mode
Some Secrets About Whatsapp

Whatsapp has made some updates. You can turn on dark mode in your Whatsapp. Tap on three dots and go to the setting. Click on the "Chat" option.
Tap on "Theme" and select "Dark" mode.

2) Become Invisible
Some Secrets About Whatsapp

You can become invisible on Whatsapp. Just open ''setting>>Account'' and then open "Privacy". Tap on "Last Seen" and select it to "Nobody".
Your last seen will be hidden and you will become invisible on Whatsapp.

3) Bold Your Messages
Some Secrets About Whatsapp

Open Whatsapp and open the chat to whom you want to send the message. Type your message there. After typing, tap and hold on text, select the text completely. Click on "more". Two options will appear. One will be "bold" and others will be "Italic". Select the options which you want to make it. You can make your text bold, italic, and underline, whichever you want.

4) Send A Group Message Without Creating Group
Some Secrets About Whatsapp

Tap on three dots in Whatsapp. A broadcast option will appear. You can select many contacts in Whatsapp and send the message to the contacts you selected.

5) How To Know You Are Blocked

If you get blocked by someone and don't know how to know that the person has blocked you or not.
If you send a message to anyone, if it is not delivered and you cannot see last seen and profile picture of the person, it means you have been blocked by the person.

6) Save Storage From Auto Downloading
Some Secrets About Whatsapp

Open Whatsapp, click on three dots, and open "setting''. You will see your profile. Click "Storage and Data"  and open When "using mobile data" and "when using wi-fi" option. Unselect all the options which are selected. It will not auto-download anything and save your storage.

7) Make Voice Note Mute

If your friend sends you a voice note and you are sitting in a public and cannot listen to it then here is a new function that you can listen to it and make it mute for others. Just play the voice note and keep mobile to near your ears as you do while listening calls. Only you will listen to voice notes and others will not be able to listen to it.     


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