Some Facts About Your Phone

Some Facts About Your Phone

The smartphone is a big invention of technology. Some people use a mobile phone that they think they cannot live without a mobile phone.
Here I have written some facts about the mobile phone that you will amaze to know.

1) First Call Made By Phone
Some Facts About Your Phone

The first mobile phone call was made by an engineer of Motorola, Martin Cooper from the cell phone and it was made in some streets of New York. Interestingly, he made calls to his rival Joel Engel just before giving a press conference. He said: "Do you know from where am I calling you from?"

2) Best Selling Mobile Phone
Some Facts About Your Phone

Nokia 1100 was the best selling mobile phone. There are 250 million units sold and it is the biggest achievement.

3) Watches And Alarm Clock Disappear
Some Facts About Your Phone

Not being a long time ago, people used to wear wristwatches and used an alarm clock to wake early in the morning. But you do not see it in modern days. All these functions have been added to the mobile phone and most people don't wear watches as they check time to form their mobile and also use mobile phones as an alarm clock. These things will completely vanish.

5) Addiction To Mobile Called Nomophobia

About 2000,000 people have addicted to mobile phones, this is called ''nomophobia''. People are afraid to leave their mobile phones at home. Due to the high use of mobile phone, most of the people ignores the other things and people around him and is called "phubbing". 

6) You check your mobile 150 Times Daily
Some Facts About Your Phone

It is likely that people suffering from homophobia do this more than the average people. It experiments that you check your phone 150 times daily.

7) There Are More Mobile Than Humans

There are already more mobile phones have been made than the number of people in the world. The numbers of the phone made are about 5000 million while the total population of the world is 7500 million.

8) Most Expensive Mobile Of The World

In this heading, I tell you the cost of the most expensive phone of the world. Don't you want to know?
It costs about 95.5 million dollars. It is the Pink Diamond iPhone and has a case of 18-carat gold and has a large diamond on it's back.

9) Mobile Contain More Bacteria Than Toilet Flush

According to research, there are 20 to 30 times more bacteria on the mobile phone than the toilet flush. So, it is better to keep it away from you when you don't need it.

10) Throwing Mobile Is A Sport
Some Facts About Your Phone

In Finland, there is a world championship since 2000 in which mobile phones are thrown.

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