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Amazing I Phone Feature

When we hear the word mobile phone, two names come into our minds. One is android and the other is the iPhone. 
Today, I will tell you some stunning features of the iPhone.

1) Clear RAM Of iPhone Mobile

The trick to run your iPhone faster is to clear RAM.
Press the sleep button for a long time until the "slide to power off" message appears.
After that, press and hold the home button.
In just a few seconds, the screen will flicker and return to the home page. RAM of your iPhone will be cleared.

2) Exact Time Of A Message iPhone Mobile

If you want to know the exact time when your message was sent, follow the given steps:

Open Message app.

Tap on the message you want to view timestamp.
Slide your finger from right to left.
Now you will see time for every message separately.

3) Text Character Count iPhone Mobile

This feature gives you an opportunity that can count the number of characters you typed before you can send it.
Open Setting option.
Scroll down and open Message.
Click the button at the right side, " character count" and turn it on.

4) Record Video During Lock Screen iPhone Mobile

This amazing feature helps you in recording a video even when the screen is locked.

First of all, lock your mobile and then press the "shutter" button. Now slide the bottom right camera icon halfway up and don't release it.
Still keep your finger halfway up and slide camera mode from picture to video.
Now double press the home button three times.
Until the mobile phone turns off its screen, keep your finger halfway up. Don't release the finger.
Your mobile phone will already be recording the audio.
If you want to stop recording, turn the screen on.

5) Create Custom Vibration iPhone Mobile

Your iPhone uses vibration for text messages by default. If you want to create your own vibration then you can easily create.
Open the setting of your iPhone. Click vibration and tap "create new vibration".
Start recording and tap on the center of the screen and start recording. When you are done, stop recording and save your pattern.
You can also create a custom vibration for each contact.


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