Instagram Video Downloader iPhone

Instagram Video Downloader iPhone

Instagram uses much of our internet data. We can save videos and watch later when we are free. In this topic, I will give you information that how can you download videos from Instagram. It is very easy to download videos on your iPhone from Instagram.

Step 1:
First of all, you will need to download an Instagram video downloader on your device to download videos from Instagram.

Step 2:
After when you have downloaded the application, open your Instagram account.

Step 3:
Take a look at the video, you want to download.

Step 4:
Click on three dots, showing at the top right corner of the post.

Step 5:
Select an option of  "copy link" that will be showing there in different options, in order to download the video from Instagram.

Step 6:
When you have copied the link of the post, open the Instagram video downloader.

Step 7:
It will automatically fetch the link and start video downloading.
If the link is not fetched automatically and the video is not downloading then there will be an option of "paste link and download appearing on the screen." Paste your link in the box and click on the button. Your video will be downloaded and saved to your phone.

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