How To Restore Whatsapp Data

How To Restore Whatsapp Data

Whatsapp is being used by almost every person in the world. The reason why it is being used so much is that it is very easy to use for communication purposes. If you are using WhatsApp and want to know how to restore your data following are the guidelines given for this purpose:

1) The first step you will do is that open Whatsapp on your device.
How To Restore Whatsapp Data

2) Click on three dots appearing at the top right corner of the screen.
How To Restore Whatsapp Data

3) Select ''Setting'' from the drop-down menu.
4) Different options will be given. Open "Chat".
How To Restore Whatsapp Data

5) Different menus will appear. Scroll a little down and there will be an option of ''chat backup''.
How To Restore Whatsapp Data

6) Your backup will be open. Tap on"backup to google drive". It will require a Gmail address.
7) Select your Gmail account and your data will be backed-up to that particular Gmail.
8) It will ask you that after how much time you want to make a backup of your Whatsapp.
9) Select"Daily". Your data will be backed-up daily to your google drive.
10) There will be an option of backup over, select "Wi-fi or cellular".

If you want to restore Whatsapp data.
  1. First of all, uninstall Whatsapp.
  2. Then reinstall it on the device.
  3. Type your WhatsApp number. Create your account on Whatsapp.
  4. It will ask you whether you want to create a backup and restore your previous data.
  5. Click on restore.
  6. Your previous data will start downloading from your google drive.


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