How To Lock Facebook Profile

Facebook is almost being used by every person in this era. Some people use Facebook to share posts and advertisement and some use just off fun. Some use Facebook for time pass. 
Hackers also get strong during invention in technology. Today I will tell you how you can lock your profile on Facebook so that you can prevent it from hacking and other ways to attack your id.
After you lock your profile, only your friends will be able to see your profile.

  1. In order to lock your Facebook profile, first of all, open your account on Facebook.
  2. Go to your Facebook profile to lock it.
  3. Your profile will be shown to you. Your profile picture will be showing to you.
  4. Click on three dots showing below the profile picture on the right side to lock your profile.
  5. Different options will be shown to you. There will be an option of lock profile. You can lock your Facebook profile using that option.
  6. Click on the option, the privacy setting will be shown to you. Read your privacy and you might change if you want. Then click on lock profile.
  7. Click on OK. And your Facebook profile is locked.

Turn On Profile Guard
When you will click on the three dots showing below the profile picture, then there will also be an option to turn on the profile guard. If you lock your profile guard then the others will not be able to download your profile picture and will not be able to take screenshots even.

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