Android Phone Screenshot

Android Phone Screenshot

The mobile phone has become very common in our today's life. People chat with each other through audio or video calls or SMS and perform different tasks. If you want to take a screenshot of your messages or any part of your android screen, here are some tips are given:

1) Using Volume Buttons

One of the simplest ways to take screenshots on your android is to take screenshots using the volume and lock button. Press the lock button and volume button at a time simultaneously. The given part of your android screen will be captured.

If you have oppo A57, then press and hold lock and volume up button for a moment and you can take screenshots of multiple pages in a single picture. 

2) Using Gesture And Motion

You can also take screenshot by sliding three middles fingers from top to the bottom of the screen at a time. It will capture screenshot on your android.
For this purpose, first you will need to turn on gesture and motion in setting option.

3) Using Screenshot Icon

In android 11, there is a button on the top icons of screen when you scroll down from up. There will be written screenshot. Just tap on it and it will capture screenshot. You don't need to press and hold the volume button for a time.


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