Amazing Features Of Mobile Phone

Amazing Features Of Mobile Phone

The mobile phone is being used in every field of life today.  In this topic, I tried to add some amazing features of a mobile phone that will be helpful for you.
1) Barcode Reader
Amazing Features Of Mobile Phone

When you go to the mall, you buy something, the shopkeeper checks the price of the material using a barcode reader. Now your phone can also act as a barcode reader. You can scan the WhatsApp web and other codes via your mobile phone.

2) Work With A Telescope
Amazing Features Of Mobile Phone

It is a very useful trick but many people don't know about this. Just place your phone lens directly with the telescope and thus you will be able to capture enlarged images with the help of your mobile phone.

3) Camera Can See Blood Pulsing Under Skin
Amazing Features Of Mobile Phone

Instant heart rate is an application (available for android, windows, and Ios) that can measure your heartbeat using the camera of your mobile phone.

4) Scan And Digitalize Old Negatives With The Help Of Phone
Amazing Features Of Mobile Phone

You can scan the negatives of old pictures that were taken by old cameras of the '90s and digitalize them using your phone. You can use an application like Helmut Film Scanner( available for android).

5) Phone Can Take Picture While Recording Video
Amazing Features Of Mobile Phone

There you may have a problem that you want to take a picture while you are already recording a video. iPhone allows the performance of these two functions at a time. Press the shutter button appearing next to the video. The photo made such a way would not be so impressive but you can use it when you will need it.

6) Extend Battery Timing Of Mobile Phone
Amazing Features Of Mobile Phone

The charging slot of your mobile carries dust and other particles that occur in the slot and damages the lifetime of your battery. Try to keep it safe and it will help in increasing the battery life of your mobile phone.

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