5 Dangerous Android Apps You should Delete Immediately

Dangerous  Android  Apps  You should Delete Immediately

Hello dear friends hope you all will be fine. Today we will discuss about mobile phone apps. Mobile phones have become very common in today's life. When we hear the world mobile phone the two main phones that comes in our mind are I Phone and Android phones. 

Some people like to use I Phone and some like to use android phones. Both of them has their own specifications and qualities. Here we will discuss about some apps that can cause a serious negative effect on Android phone users.

Mobile phone has become so much easy o use that little children and even old people are also able to use the mobile phone. Mobile phone use is very common but there are some negative things about it. When everyone is using mobile phone, he will must have his some personal information saved in mobile phone.

 Hackers try to access your mobile phone by using different methods and get access to your personal information and start blackmailing you. The hackers try by different methods. Some use unknown application. They made different apps and get access to your storage, location and data.

There are many application available on google playstore from unknown users that you install and they get access to your internal storage and hence they can steal your data. A hacker steal your bank information like code branch, account number and he can steal your money.

So let's start about talking these apps. Some apps that can cause harm to you are given below:

Weather Apps:


Dangerous  Android  Apps  You should Delete Immediately

The new mobile phones that are now launching in advanced level have weather app already installed in system. You do not need to install any such app to check weather. You can simply check it through your phone. But there are some apps that are on playstore and can steal your personal information like weather pro, weather accurate and weather bom.

Social Apps:

Such type of apps get popularity very quickly and lost it popularity also. Such apps can get access to your storage and personal data. Try to use apps that are verified and do not install any app from unknown resources. Hackers have nothing to do as when app get access to your storage then hacker don't need to do anything as you have given access to app. App kill the battery and takes a lot of energy.


Modern mobile phones have pre-installed optimizers and such application. Clean master and some others optimization apps get access to your storage by saying that these apps will clear your cache memory and unnecessary file and will make your phone life better. All such type of apps are just fake. These will not increase your mobile performance but surely it will make it slow.

Antivirus apps:

When you install an app and hacker get access to your mobile phone then your mobile phone start showing the notification of virus. Hackers have created many fake apps as when you will install that fake app in your mobile phone, the hacker get access to all of your data and even may he will be able to block the phone. Virus cleaner, power clean and free antivirus are some examples.

Apps to increase amount of RAM:

First the main thing that you all should must remember is that the memory of RAM is defined by developer of phone and it cannot be changed through apps. Some hackers have made such apps to get access to your personal information. Memory safe and warehouse storage are some examples.

If you have installed any type of such app in your phone then uninstall it and prevent yourself from being hacked.


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