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Reason Why You Should not Say Ameen On Facebook

Assalam o alaikum everyone. Today I will tell you that why should you not type Ameen on Facebook on any post. First I also don't consider it a bad thing and I don't know what happened ny just saying Ameen on the post. When a person makes a post on Facebook that he is ill or something like that then there are many people who will be commenting on the post. You will see such type of mostly posts from a fake id. For example an id of unknown girl or a such id of a person who has not make any personal profile pics but just uploads fake pictures. First I also don't know about this scam but a friend told me about this. I just say that what will happen by saying simple Ameen. I don't know until a friend told me about consequences. You show your good intention by saying Ameen and commenting but you don't know how scammers earn money from this. So I tell you in a simple way that how it is done . When you see a post, you comment Ameen on such type of post and you try to show y

6 Secrets that 90% Android Users Don't Know

Assalam-o-Alaikum Hope you will be all fine. Today mobile phones have become very common in our life. Even that from little children to old people, everyone is using mobile phone. The main reason is that it has become very easy to use mobile phone due to Android phones. Android phones Secrets  having touch screens and have the icons are easy to use. As they have all icons and you don't need to search for buttons and press buttons but you just need to click on the icon, whether you want to make a call just touch on phone icon or you want to listen music, click on music icon and so on.  These all functions of android phones have made it easy to use. That's why it is being used by a every common man. There is not a person who can say that I have complete access to mobile phones as it is such a thing in technology that it is being updated everyday. Here I will tell you about such things about Android Phones that most of the users don't know. The easy way to save your battery li

5 Dangerous Android Apps You should Delete Immediately

Hello dear friends hope you all will be fine. Today we will discuss about mobile phone apps. Mobile phones have become very common in today's life. When we hear the world mobile phone the two main phones that comes in our mind are I Phone and Android phones.  Some people like to use I Phone and some like to use android phones. Both of them has their own specifications and qualities. Here we will discuss about some apps that can cause a serious negative effect on Android phone users. Mobile phone has become so much easy o use that little children and even old people are also able to use the mobile phone. Mobile phone use is very common but there are some negative things about it. When everyone is using mobile phone, he will must have his some personal information saved in mobile phone.  Hackers try to access your mobile phone by using different methods and get access to your personal information and start blackmailing you. The hackers try by different methods. Some use unknown appli